Rotterdam is the city of the future and that makes it special. Rotterdam is unlike other Dutch cities. All the high-rises, the skyline and modern architecture combined with it’s location along the Maas River are special qualities of the city of Rotterdam. Rotterdam offers architecture from different periods: pre-war, reconstruction architecture, 80s urban renewal and the highrise towers of the more recent period: Rotterdam has it all! Especially the architecture from the period immediately after the war is becoming a special quality which attracks businesses, residents, visitors and is also very interesting for investors. Rotterdam is always in motion. Besides the fact that the next few years many new projects are being realized, companies and artists see their chances. Rotterdam has a city where their residents are proud. Proud of the international attention and the developments. Rotterdam is changing by the day in a positive way and that is why Rotterdam is our city of the future. With many projects in the pipeline is the diversity even greater. This all makes housing for expats fun and Rotterdam is currently the city of choice for interesting real estate investments.

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